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Have immediate questions? Our FAQ section might have the answers you’re looking for. Read our frequently asked questions to learn more about our STEM programs, philosophy, and what makes Summit Innovation Lab unique.

Summer Camp

At Summer Camp, children have the freedom to choose from a variety of STEM activities throughout the day, including Lego Robotics, 3D printing, Cricut Maker Space, Minecraft Education, Coding, Science, and Engineering. Our camp is designed to cater to diverse interests, promoting fun learning through inquiry-based and project-based activities.

We ensure engagement by offering a wide range of STEM activities that cater to different interests and learning styles. Our instructors are skilled at adapting activities to meet the needs of each student, ensuring that everyone finds something that sparks their curiosity and passion for learning. The mix of unplugged and computer-based activities also ensures that students have a balanced and enriching experience.

There are no prerequisites for attending Summer Camp, except having an interest in and love for STEM! 🙂

Students will use the engineering design process to complete each STEM project. See it here.

  1. Ask
  2. Research
  3. Imagine Solutions (brainstorm)
  4. Plan
  5. Create
  6. Test
  7. Improve

Day Off School Programming

Day Off School activities will be very similar to those offered at Summer Camp. Children have the freedom to choose from a variety of STEM activities throughout the day, including Lego Robotics, 3D printing, Cricut Maker Space, Minecraft Education, Coding, Science, and Engineering.

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After-School and Daytime Classes

PreSchool classes are age appropriate for children ages 3-5 years old. All of these hands-on STEM activities are unplugged, or device free.

No prior experience is necessary to join our Robotics or Coding classes. Our programs are designed to introduce students to these subjects in a fun, engaging, and accessible way, catering to beginners and those with some experience alike.
The Cricut® Introduction course offers newcomers a comprehensive overview of designing and creating with our Cricut Maker lab. Geared towards individuals with no Cricut® experience, this introductory program equips participants with the essential skills needed to unleash their creativity. Once familiarized with the tools and techniques, attendees aged 12 and older gain access to our open shop sessions, where they can freely utilize the space and machinery to personalize a wide array of items. From intricate designs to bespoke creations, the possibilities are virtually limitless, empowering individuals to express themselves through personalized craftsmanship.

Lego Education Robotics fosters a diverse range of skills in learners of all ages. Participants develop proficiency in programming, as they learn to code and command their robots to perform specific tasks and solve challenges. Additionally, problem-solving abilities are honed as students troubleshoot issues and refine their designs to achieve desired outcomes.

Collaboration and teamwork skills are also cultivated through group projects, where participants collaborate to design, build, and program robots collectively. Furthermore, critical thinking skills are enhanced as learners analyze problems, devise strategies, and iterate on solutions to overcome obstacles. Moreover, Lego Education Robotics encourages creativity and innovation as participants explore different design possibilities and experiment with various programming concepts.

Overall, engagement with Lego Education Robotics equips individuals with a comprehensive skill set encompassing technical proficiency, collaborative prowess, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving abilities.

The Wilson Reading System can be implemented in individual or group settings.


Birthday parties are coming soon.
After choosing the theme (Cricut, Minecraft or Robotics) the birthday kiddo can choose the Cricut craft/Minecraft skill or Robotics activity that the party goers will engage in.

1 week in advance

At Parent’s Night Out, you get the opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved break while your child engages in a safe, entertaining, and creative environment!

Your child will craft unique projects in our Cricut Maker Lab, dive into digital worlds with Minecraft, or wind down with a movie. Dinner is provided.

Parent’s Night Out goes from 6 – 10 pm.

Each child should come with a snack and a water bottle.

Yes, dinner is provided.

We require the parent picking up the child to show a valid ID at pick-up in order to ensure the safety of all children.

The cost is $50 per child.


Our diverse range of STEM programs is designed to engage students of various ages, from preschoolers to middle school students. Each program is tailored to meet the developmental needs and interests of its specific age group, ensuring a supportive and enriching learning experience for all.

Summit Innovation Lab embraces a comprehensive approach to STEM education, incorporating hands-on learning, inquiry-based activities, and project-based learning guided by the Engineering Design Process. Our programs cover a wide range of STEM disciplines, including Lego Robotics, 3D printing, Cricut Maker Space, Minecraft Education, Coding, Science, and Engineering, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.
Yes, parents are encouraged to watch and/or participate in the action, especially in our preschool programs. However, parents also have the option to take a break in our lounge area. A parent or caregiver must stay on the property during the class for preschool programs.

Safety is our top priority at Summit Innovation Lab. All of our programs are supervised by experienced instructors who are trained to ensure safe practices during hands-on activities. We maintain a low student-to-instructor ratio to provide close supervision and personalized attention, and all materials and equipment used are checked for safety compliance.

Our STEM programs are designed with the understanding that each student has a unique way of learning. By incorporating a variety of teaching methods, including hands-on learning, visual aids, collaborative projects, and inquiry-based activities, we ensure that every child can engage in a way that suits them best. Our educators are trained to recognize and adapt to various learning styles, providing personalized attention to support the needs of each student.

Summit Innovation Lab is committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all students, including those with different abilities or learning needs. Our educators are trained to provide differentiated instruction and adapt activities to meet the diverse needs of our students. We also encourage open communication with parents to understand and accommodate individual requirements, ensuring a welcoming and accessible learning experience for everyone.
For full-day programs, such as the Summer Camp, students are encouraged to bring their own lunch and snacks. However, we ensure that there are scheduled breaks for lunch and outdoor activities. For specific programs or events, please check the program details or contact us for information about meals and snacks.
Communication with parents is a key part of our approach. We provide regular updates through newsletters, and emails to inform parents about their child’s progress, what they’re learning, and how they’re engaging with the program. We also encourage parents to reach out to us at any time with questions or for updates on their child’s experience.